Top 8 Best LongBoards Review & Buying Guide

Longboarding is a thrilling and exciting way to enjoy the great outdoors and explore your surroundings. Whether a beginner or an experienced rider, having the best longboard can make all the difference in your performance and enjoyment. With so many trendy brands and models on the market, finding the right one for your needs can be challenging.

Here we have a deep look at some of the best longboards on the market, covering everything from the best long board brands and models to the pros and cons of each board. Knowing that the best longboard depends on your preference, riding style, skill level, and budget is essential.

So, whether you’re a cruising enthusiast or a downhill rider, discover our top 8 picks for the best longboards available today.

Types of Riding Longboard 

There are many ways to ride a longboard for enjoyment and fun. While the most common way is “freeriding,” which is riding for leisure with stunts and with specific techniques, there are a few other particular styles: 

Down Hill

As the name shows, a downhill longboard involves moving fast down hills on a longboard. Riders must protect themselves through protective gear like helmets and slide gloves. This riding style is best done on a flat, straight road with minimal traffic.

Free ride

This kind of style is more focused on tricks and stunts. Long board slides, push drift, flip, or cart the longboard. This ride requires more skill and practice, so it may not be suitable for beginner riders.


This is another excellent way to enjoy longboarding; cruising takes your time along flat or gently rolling surfaces without worrying about speeding up. This type of ride suits those who want to avoid the fast speed and enjoy it.


Riding is a great way to mix things up and explore new terrain on your board; while this type of riding isn’t as fast-paced as downhill or cruising, it can be more challenging and rewarding than either style alone.


Longboard racing is growing in popularity in the community. It often involves racing down a paved road or hill closed to traffic. Riders must wear protective gear and use high-end setups to compete in this event.

No matter what style you choose, longboarding can be an exciting experience. There are many different types of riding to explore, so take your time and find the best longboard that best fits your needs.

8 Best Longboards For 2023

Retrospec Zed Best Longboard Complete
Retrospec Zed

Magneto 40+ inch Kicktail Cruiser Best Longboard
Magneto 40+ inch Kicktail Cruiser

APOLLO Longboard Skateboards
APOLLO Longboard Skateboards

Amrgot 42 inches Complete Longboards 
Amrgot 42 inches

Volador 40inch Maple Longboard 
Volador 40inch Maple Longboard 

Arbor fish bamboo Best longboard
Arbor fish bamboo

JKING Electric Longboard
JKING Electric Longboard

Atom Drop Through Longboard - 40 Inch
Atom Drop Through Longboard – 40 Inch


1- Retrospec Zed Longboard Complete

Retrospec Zed Best Longboard Complete

The Retrospec Zed Longboard Complete Cruiser is perfect for commuting, cruising, carving, and downhill riding. This is one of the best longboards featuring a unique and attractive design with premium materials, including bamboo and Canadian maple wood construction.

Reverse kingpin trucks provide superior stability. At the same time, 9-inch aluminum alloy trucks give you the speed and strength stability you need. Its wide 85A PU wheels provide a fully controlled and smooth ride with a lot of grip on all terrain. It also features high-quality ABEC 7 bearings to ensure quick acceleration and superior performance.

The Zed longboard comes with soft, large wheels that measure 70 mm in diameter and 50mm in width. The wheels absorb bumps and vibrations, providing a stable ride even on a rough surface.

This board is sure to make your riding experience one to remember. Get ready to take your longboarding skills to the next level with this complete cruiser! No matter where you’re going, the Retrospec Zed Longboard Complete Cruiser is an excellent choice for commuting, cruising, carving, and downhill riding. 

You’ll have a great time on your ride with its high-quality construction and features. So, don’t wait any longer and get ready to start having the ride of your life with this complete cruiser!


  • 9-inch Aluminum Alloy Trucks 
  • Wide 85A PU Wheels for Smooth, 
  • ABEC 7 Bearings for Quick Acceleration and Superior
  • Bamboo & Canadian Maple Wood Construction
  • High-quality grip tape 
  • Latest anti-bite technology


  • Durable Construction
  •  Provide control and traction 
  •  Excellent Acceleration and Performance 
  •  It controlled Ride with Plenty of Grips
  •  Superior Grip 


  • Not Suitable for Beginners 

Overall, the Retrospec Longboard Complete Cruiser is an excellent choice for those looking to improve their longboarding skills. Its durable construction and many features make it perfect for commuting, cruising, carving, and downhill riding.

2- Magneto 40+ inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard 

Magneto 40+ inch Kicktail Cruiser Best Longboard

Magneto is a versatile and durable long board perfect for those who want to get out and ride the streets. Its 40+ inch kicktail cruiser design is excellent for cruising, carving, and dancing. They feature a classic pintail shape with drop-through trucks and 78A PU wheels. This longboard provides maximum stability for long rides and a stable, responsive ride for all levels of riding. 

The deck is made from a durable 7-ply hardwood maple deck that measures around 40.5 inches in length and 9 inches in width with a medium concave, making it ideal for beginner to intermediate-level riders. The board’s graphics are stylish and eye-catching – great for showing off your skills.

With its sturdy construction, this best longboard skateboard will last you for years. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rider, this longboard skateboard is best for cruising around your neighborhood or showing off tricks at the skatepark.


  •  Classic and Attractive pintail shape 
  •  78A PU wheels for maximum Stability 
  •  7-ply hardwood maple deck with a medium concave
  •  Durable construction perfect for beginners to advanced riders
  •  Stylish and unique graphics 
  •  40+ inch concave deck 
  •  High-quality ABEC -11 bearings  


  • The lightweight design makes it easy to transport
  •  Easy to maneuver around tight turns and corners
  •  High-performance wheels provide maximum grip and control
  •  Durable construction ensures long-lasting use


  • It can be challenging to ride on uneven surfaces

Overall, the Magneto 40+ inch kicktail cruiser longboard skateboard is an excellent option for anyone looking for an affordable and stylish way to get out and ride. With its durable construction, high-performance wheels, and classic pintail shape, this board provides a stable and responsive ride for all levels of riding.

3- APOLLO Longboard Skateboards 

APOLLO Longboard Skateboards

They are designed for smooth, fast riding and fantastic performance. Our drop-through longboards feature a composite construction of bamboo & fiberglass, creating an ultra-durable board with greater flex and shock absorption than traditional boards. 

They also include high-speed bearings and a T-Tool in every package, so you can make adjustments necessary to maximize your ride. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, Apollo Longboard Skateboards will give you the best riding experience possible. 

Apollo Longboard Skateboards are made with the highest quality materials and feature a unique design that sets them apart from other longboards. Our boards are built to last, so you can be sure that your investment will continue to provide smooth rides for years. With no assembly required, our boards are ready to ride right out of the box. So don’t waste any more time. Get your Apollo Longboard Skateboard today and start shredding!


  •  Durable composite construction 
  •  High-speed bearings included
  •  T-Tool included for easy adjustments
  • 39 inch flexible deck
  •  The choice between a cruiser or drop-through design


  • Durable construction
  • Fast and smooth ride
  • Great for tricks and jumps
  • Easy to adjust with included T Tool
  • Variety of styles and designs


  • Limited color options are available.

Take your longboarding experience to the next level with Apollo Longboard Skateboards. With this board, you can enjoy a fast, smooth ride and show off your style. Try one today and start shredding! 

4- Amrgot 42 inches Complete Longboards 

Amrgot 42 inches Complete Longboards 

Amrgot 42 inches Longboards Drop Through Deck Concave Cruise Professional Longboards are perfect for getting around town quickly and easily. The sturdy 8-layer maple wood construction is durable yet lightweight, so you can easily carve turns. The concave deck helps keep your feet in place for a safe ride and gives the board a stylish look. The drop-through mounting makes pushing over uneven terrain and steep hills easier. 

The 42-inch wheelbase provides a stable ride.

while the ABEC-9 bearings give you a smooth and fast experience of the forces involved in longboarding. This longboard is perfect for carving, cruising, or commuting around town, thanks to its unique design. 

No matter your preference, Amrgot gives you an unbeatable combination of performance and style. So grab your Amrgot 42 inches Complete Longboards Drop Through Deck Concave Cruise Professional Longboard and start exploring today. 


  • 42-inch drop through deck
  • Concave shape for easy turn 
  • Lower center of gravity makes board more stable
  •  ABEC 9 bearings give you a smooth and fast experience
  • High waterproof grip
  • Elastic pad support
  • PU High-quality wheels


  • Sturdy maple wood construction
  • secure ride and stylish look
  • Drop-through mounting for easy pushing over uneven terrain
  • Suitable for cruising 


  •  Board is not waterproofed for use in wet conditions.

No matter your preference, Amrgot’s 42 inches Complete Longboards Drop Through Deck Concave Cruise Professional Longboard offers an unbeatable combination of performance and style.

5- Volador 40inch Maple Longboard 

Volador 40inch Maple Longboard 

The Volador 40-inch Maple Longboard is the perfect beginner or intermediate rider board with its classic design and unique features like the pointed nose, cutouts in the tail, and truck mounts on the sides of its maple laminate deck. It gives you a comfortable ride with excellent control without worrying about speed wobbles or wheel bite.

The 8-ply  high-quality maple construction gives you plenty of stability, and the ABEC 9 bearings keep you rolling smoothly. The camber concave deck design also helps you to maintain your balance while pushing, carving, and cruising around town. 

With an easy-to-use cruiser shape that provides a smooth ride in all conditions – from the beach boardwalk to the downtown streets – you’ll be shredding in no time. There is nothing this board can’t do. So hop on and let your journey begin!

The Volador 40-inch Maple Longboard also comes with quality 70x51mm,78 PU wheels, 7-inch reverse kingpin trucks with 90A bushings, and Volador ABEC 9 bearings so you can hit the streets immediately.

The combination of quality components and unique design make this longboard an excellent choice for anyone looking to get into longboarding. 

No matter what kind of longboarding you’re into, the Volador 40-inch Maple Longboard is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get out and enjoy the ride. This board has all of the features you need to have a great.


  •  Classic cruiser shape with unique pointed nose and cutouts
  •  8-ply maple laminate deck 
  •  ABEC 9 bearings for smooth rolling
  •  70x51mm PU wheels 
  •  Camber concave deck design 
  •  Truck mounts for added control


  • Control and balance 
  • Provide Stability and Strenght 
  • Classic Design 
  • Smooth-rolling 
  • High-quality components 


  • Wheels may be too hard, which can make them less comfortable

Easy to use for beginner riders or great for more experienced riders looking for a comfortable cruiser ride. So get out there, grab a Volador 40-inch Maple Longboard, and start shredding!

6- Arbor fish bamboo longboard

Arbor fish bamboo Best longboard

Arbor longboard is a great way to get around town and have fun! This longboard deck has the classic look of traditional bamboo boards, but it’s made from hardwood with bamboo inlays for superior durability. The board’s symmetrical shape makes it perfect for cruising and carving, and its 78A wheels and high quality longboard ABEC 5 bearings reduce friction and provide a smooth, comfortable ride. Plus, the board comes with an optional kicktail for popping tricks. 

Bamboo is a strong and lightweight material that provides a smooth ride and is resistant to wear and tear. This deck is famous for its beautiful natural wood grain pattern, which varies from board to board.

Arbor boards handle a variety of riding styles, from cruising and craving to downhill racing and tricks.

Whether riding around town or hitting some skate parks, the Arbor Fish Bamboo Longboard is perfect for any rider. Get ready to have a great time out on your new longboard.


  •  Symmetrical shape for cruising and carving
  •  Hardwood construction with bamboo 
  •  78A wheels 
  •  High-quality ABEC 5 bearings for a smooth ride
  •  Optional kicktail for popping tricks
  •  Grippy wheels 
  •  Eco-friendly manufacturing 
  •  Artisan craftsmanship 


  • Durable Components 
  • Suitable for a variety of riding styles
  • Long lasting bearings 
  • Budget Friendly 
  • Unique Artistic look 
  • Superior durability 


  • Some riders feel the limited customization options.

Overall, Arbor bamboo longboards are an excellent option for those who value highest quality longboard construction, sustainability, and versatile riding capabilities.

7- JKING Electric Longboard 

JKING Electric Longboard

The JKING Electric Skateboard is designed to provide an easy and comfortable ride. It has a powerful 900W hub motor that can reach speeds up to 26 MPH, allowing you to get where you need to go quickly. There is a range of 21.8 miles, so you don’t need to recharge it frequently. With three different speed adjustment settings, it’s easy to customize your ride for whatever you need. 

In addition, the longboard can also support up to 330 lbs, giving riders the reliance and stability they need while riding. To ensure its durability and performance, JKING Electric Skateboard has a 1-year warranty that makes it more reliable.

With all these features, the JKING Electric Skateboard is the perfect ride for any level of experience. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced rider, you’ll have plenty of options to customize your ride and make it the best experience possible. 

Get ready to go big and have a great time with this fantastic electric skateboard.


  • 450W Hub-Motor with 26 MPH top speed
  •  21.8 Miles Range
  •  3 Speed Adjustment
  •  Max Load 330 Lbs
  • Portable 
  • Wireless remote
  • High density 


  • Provide stability and durability 
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • Environmental friendly 
  • A remote control allows adjusting the speed and braking 
  • Dual usage 


  • Electronic longboards require more maintenance.

So get ready to go big, have a blast with JKING Electric Skateboard, and enjoy all the thrills of electric skateboarding!

8- Atom Drop Through Longboard – 40 Inch

Atom Drop Through Longboard - 40 Inch

The Atom Drop Through Longboard is perfect for cruising the streets and carving asphalt. This best longboard is made from durable 8-ply maple wood, giving it unmatched rigidity, strength, and durability on any terrain.

It also features a drop-through design that makes pushing easier on your feet and legs to ride for longer distances without fatigue. The board is 40 inches long and 9.75 inches wide, giving you plenty of stable riding surfaces to maneuver around tight corners and technical terrain.

It also comes with ABEC 7 bearings, so you can speed up or slow down quickly and efficiently while maintaining your balance. The Atom Drop Through Longboard is everything you need for a smooth and enjoyable ride. So let go of your worries and enjoy the ride!

The 40-inch size is perfect for both beginners and advanced riders, giving you the stability you need while allowing you to maneuver quickly around tight corners. Get ready to take your riding to a new level with the Atom Drop Through Longboard! No matter what terrain you ride on, the Atom Drop Through Longboard will surely give you the best ride of your life. So grab it today and make the streets your own!


  •  8-ply maple wood construction for superior strength and durability
  •  Drop-through design for easier pushing and less fatigue
  •  40-inch longboard with 9.75-inch width 
  •  ABEC 7 bearings for speed control and balance
  •  High grit silicon carbide


  • Lower the center of gravity 
  • Maximum Stability 
  • Easier to push 
  • Control the board for speed 
  • Soft wheel absorbs vibration and bumps 


  • Relatively heavy compared to other longboards models

The Atom Drop is a good option for those who wish to have an easy-to-ride board for cruising and commuting.

How to Buy the Best LongBoard For You?

Choosing the perfect longboard can be tricky, especially if you are new to the sport. Knowing what type of board you need before making any purchase is essential. 

Factors to Consider 

Several factors should be considered when selecting a longboard, such as size, shape, and riding style.

Deck Material 

Longboard decks can be made of bamboo, maple, or composite materials. Each material has its unique feature, so choose one that suits your preference and budget.

The type of material used can affect the board’s overall performance and durability. 


Maple is the most common material used for longboards decks.It is strong ,durable and flexible which make it ideal for a variety of styles .


That is another top most material used for the deck.Additionally, it’s lightweight ,strong ,eco-friendly  and provides a smooth ride .

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a high-performance material that’s lightweight and stiff .It’s often used for downhill  and freestyle because it provides a stable and responsive ride .


Aluminum is a durable and lightweight material that’s often used for longboard decks designed for downhill riding. Aluminum decks are stiff and responsive, which allows riders to make precise turns and maintain control at high speeds.


Fiberglass is a strong and lightweight material that’s often used in conjunction with other materials, such as maple or bamboo, to provide extra strength and flexibility.


The shape of the best long board deck can affect your riding style experience.

Fishtails :Pintails with pointed noses. A top-mount deck has the trucks mounted on the underside of the deck, providing more traction.

Drop-through :The drop-through deck has a cutout section where the trucks are mounted, which lowers the center of gravity and makes the board more stable at high speed.

Concave deck : Concave or chamber shapes and hybrids are the most popular longboard shapes. This deck form provides stability, comfort, and control over the ride.

Double kick: This shape has a symmetrical nose and tail, with a curved kicktail at each end. These decks are often used for street and freestyle skating.

Downhill: These longboard decks are typically longer and wider than other shapes and are designed for high-speed downhill racing.

Micro: These mini skateboard decks are tiny, usually around 7 inches long, designed for young children, or used as novelty items.

Pool: Pool decks are similar to old-school ones but with a slightly wider tail and a more rounded nose. They are designed for skateboarding in backyard pools.


The board size should be chosen based on height, weight, and riding style. Generally, a smaller board is better for shorter riders who want to maneuver quickly around tight corners. A larger commission is better for taller riders needing stability at higher speeds. 

If you plan on doing tricks or downhill racing, you may want a stiffer board with larger wheels and bigger trucks.

Truck Metal Parts 

When selecting the best longboard for your needs, it is essential to look at the deck’s construction as well as components such as trucks, which are the metal parts that attach the wheels to the deck.

They come in different sizes and shapes, and tightness and looseness can affect how the longboard turns and how stable it is. You must select the trucks that match the width of the board and the style you’ll be doing.


For cruising, larger wheels are better for covering long distances, while smaller wheels are better for tighter turns and tricks. The trucks should be chosen based on the board’s width and your desired stability level. 

Generally, wider trucks provide more stability, while narrower trucks are better for tricks.


The best longboard bearings are the metal wings that fit inside the wheels and allow them to spin. They can control the speed and smoothness of the ride.

Budget and Brand 

Finally, consider the cost when selecting a longboard. Generally speaking, it is best to go with a higher-end model if you plan on taking your longboarding seriously. Higher-end models are lighter and have better components, which can help improve the overall performance of your board.

However, if you’re starting out or aren’t sure what type of board you need, plenty of mid-range boards can get you started. Take the time to research different models and find the best longboard brands then compare prices online before making your purchase. By considering all these factors, you’ll be able to find the best longboard for your needs. 


What type of longboard is easiest to ride?

The type of longboard that is easiest to ride depends on the rider’s experience level, riding style, and preference. For beginners, a pintail-shaped longboard with soft wheels is usually easier to control than a more directional board with harder wheels. Cruiser boards are also famous for their stability and maneuverability.

What is the best longboard size for beginners?

For beginners, a mid-length longboard is usually the best size. This allows for greater control and stability while providing enough speed and maneuverability to practice tricks and carve. Mid-length boards are typically between 33″ and 40″ long, with 8.5″ or 9″ widths. The width should be chosen based on the rider’s preferences and riding style.

How much is a good-quality longboard?

The price of a good quality longboard can vary greatly depending on the type, size, and construction. Generally speaking, a best longboard for cruising will cost between $100 and $200. Boards designed for downhill racing or tricks may cost more than $200.

How do I choose a longboard?

Stopping a longboard is possible in several ways, depending on your board setup, riding style, and experience. In general, slowing down with foot braking or carving is usually the most effective.

Is longboarding faster than running?

Longboarding can be faster than running, depending on the terrain and board setup. On a flat surface, a longboard can reach up to 25 mph or more speeds. This is much quicker than the average 8-10 mph running speed. Ultimately, the speed of both activities depends on the individual’s technique and level of fitness.

How do you stop on a longboard?

The best way to stop on a longboard is by using the slide technique. This involves leaning back and pushing against the ground with your feet, causing the board to slow down and eventually slip out from underneath you. You may also use foot-braking as a means of stopping on a longboard. 

Is longboarding a good workout?

Longboarding is a good choice if you are looking for a fun light workout. Taking it easy and casually gliding down hills or winding through pathways can provide a basic level of exercise and is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. 

Final Verdict 

Longboarding is a great way to get out and have some fun while also getting in some exercise. With so many different types of boards available today, it can take time to decide which would be best for you. Here we have outlined 8 of the world’s most versatile longboard options so that you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Whether you are looking for an all-around board or something specific for downhill riding, we hope our tips have helped you choose the right option. So go out and enjoy some longboarding.