Why Do Skateboarders Hate Longboarders?

Do Skateboarders Hate Longboarders

Do skateboarders hate longboarders?The debate between longboarders and skateboarders has been around for a while. Skateboarders often view longboards as needing to be bigger, faster, and more maneuverable. 

Longboarders see them as an alternative form of transportation that is more comfortable to ride than a traditional skateboard. While there are arguments on both sides, it’s essential to understand why skateboarders often view longboards in such a negative light.

What Causes the Conflict?

The core of the conflict between many skateboarders and longboarders is the perception that longboarders are not “true” skateboarders. Skateboarding has always been seen as an activity for risk-takers who push their limits and show off their skills. 

Longboarding is a form of transportation that emphasizes comfort and speed over tricks. As such, skateboarders often view longboarders as “selling out” or taking the easy way out rather than sticking to the traditional form of skateboarding they know and love.

Another contributing factor to this conflict is that longboards are sometimes seen as a cheaper alternative to traditional skateboards. Longboards can be found at much lower prices than conventional skateboards, which can be seen as a sign of cheapness and disrespect to “real” skateboarders.

The Relationship between Skateboarders and Longboarders

Despite the conflicts between skateboarders and longboarders, it’s essential to understand that the two activities are not mutually exclusive. Skateboarding and longboarding can coexist peacefully if both parties respect each other’s preferences and agree to disagree on specific points.

Skateboarders should be open to longboards, as they can be a great form of transportation and even provide an alternative skateboarding style. Similarly, longboarders should recognize that traditional skateboarding requires more skill and practice than longboarding.

Differences in Riding Styles

The main difference between a skateboard and a longboard is its size. Generally speaking, skateboards are small and maneuverable, while longboards are larger and heavier. This creates different riding styles between the two types of boards. Skateboarders often prefer aggressive street-style riding, which entails performing tricks with their boards on ramps or in parks. Longboarders typically opt for a more relaxed riding style, cruising around on flat ground and going downhill.

Differences in Performance

Another difference between skateboards and longboards is performance. Skateboards are designed to perform tricks, while longboards are built to go faster and stay stable at higher speeds. This means skateboarders can easily do ollies, manual tricks, and kickflips. Longboarders can travel further while going downhill but can only do some of the tricks that skateboarders can do on a skateboard.

Skateboarding is an Extreme Sport

Skateboarding is widely regarded as an extreme sport, and part of the appeal of skateboarding is that it requires skill and dedication to learn the tricks and maneuvers. 

Skateboarders invest time and energy into perfecting their skills, and longboards don’t need the same skill or commitment level. This leads to some skateboarders feeling that longboards are taking away from the “true” spirit of skateboarding.

Longboards Don’t Fit Into Skateparks

Skateparks are explicitly designed for skateboarders, and many of them feature obstacles and ramps that are not suitable for longboards. Longboarders often find themselves excluded when they attempt to use skateparks, as they need the skills or equipment to ride on them.

Longboards Aren’t Cool

Skateboarders may also view longboards as being uncool and unimpressive. Many mainstream skateboarding companies have begun producing longboards, leading to the perception that they’re simply trying to capitalize on the trend. This has caused some skateboarders to view longboards as nothing more than a fad.

Safety Concerns 

Longboarding can be a fun and exciting sport, but it is essential to keep safety in mind. Ensure you consistently wear the proper protective gear when riding, such as a helmet and padded clothing. Additionally, practice on flat ground before attempting any tricks or going downhill on your longboard. By following these safety tips, you can enjoy longboarding for many years.


What is the best way to transport a longboard?

The best way to transport a longboard is by using a roof rack for your car. This will keep the board secure and out of the way while you are driving and make it easier to take your longboard with you when heading to different skate spots.

How do you carry a longboard in a backpack?

Carrying a longboard in a backpack is possible, although there may be more convenient options. To do this, you need to find a pack that can accommodate the size of your board and has straps on the outside for securing it. Ensure you have enough padding inside the bag to protect your board from damage.

Can you ride a longboard with a backpack?

Yes, you can ride a longboard with a backpack. However, ensuring the load is appropriately secured and won’t get in your way while riding is essential. Additionally, be aware of how much weight you carry on your back, as this can affect your balance and stability on the board.

Is longboarding easy to pick up?

Longboarding can be easy for some people, while others may find it more difficult. Generally speaking, longboarding is easier than skateboarding as it requires less skill and practice. However, if you are new to the sport, practicing fundamentals such as balance and turning is vital before attempting any tricks or going down hills.

Final Thought

Skateboarding and longboarding may seem similar, but they have some key differences. Skateboards are usually smaller and more maneuverable, while longboards are larger and heavier. This makes skateboards better suited for performing tricks, while longboards offer stability and speed. Ultimately, do skateboarders hate longboarders? The decision of whether to skateboard or longboard is a personal one that depends on your individual preferences. Whether you ride a skateboard or a longboard, remember to respect each other’s choices and have fun!

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