Riding The Mile High Waves: Longboarding In Denver

Longboarding In Denver

Longboarding in Denver, Colorado is a popular activity. The Mile High City provides a perfect environment with its range of hills and open spaces. Longboarders of all ages and abilities can experience the thrill of riding downhill. Whether you are looking to take your first steps into the world of longboarding or find a new challenge, Denver has something for everyone.

Denver’s Longboarding Scene

Denver’s longboarding scene is growing rapidly. From the experienced pros to the novice riders, longboarders in Denver have plenty of opportunities. They can find their place on the board. Dedicated skate parks throughout the city allow anyone to explore the Mile High City with a longboard. They don’t have to worry about traffic or other obstacles.

Longboarding Basics 

Longboarding is a popular alternative to skateboarding. It involves riding a longer, more flexible board down hills. Longboards are great for carving, cruising, downhill racing, and freestyle riding. With practice, you can learn all sorts of tricks beyond the basics of longboarding.

Skate Parks 

Denver has several skate parks dedicated to longboarding. The parks provide a safe space for experienced and novice boarders alike. They also allow riders to socialize with other longboarders.


To get started longboarding, it is crucial to have the right equipment. Longboards come in various shapes and sizes – from small commuter boards to downhill racing boards. It cannot be easy to know which is right for you. The best advice is to try out a few types of longboards before buying. It will allow you to get a feel for what works best. 

Safety gear such as helmets and knee pads are essential when longboarding in Denver. It is necessary if you’re riding at high speeds.

Where to Ride in Denver 

The Foothills 

The foothills near Denver provide some of the best longboarding in the region. From the rocky trails of Red Rocks Park to the twisty single-track of Mt Falcon, there is something for riders of all levels. 

Downtown Denver 

Downtown Denver is an excellent place for beginners to start their longboarding journey. You can cruise around using plenty of car-free streets and bike paths. Additionally, some more challenging hills are for those looking for something different.

Beyond Denver 

The city also offers easy access to other longboarding destinations in the region. Nearby, Boulder is home to some of Colorado’s most dramatic trails. These trails provide plenty of technical features for experienced boarders.

Benefits of Longboarding

Physical Health 

Longboarding is a great way to stay fit and healthy. It works out various muscle groups in the body. These include the legs, core, and arms, providing an effective full-body workout. The balance required in longboarding also helps in improving posture and stability.

Mental Health 

Beyond the physical benefits, longboarding can also contribute to improved mental health. The focus required during the ride offers moving meditation, helping to clear the mind and reduce stress. Furthermore, the sense of freedom and exhilaration experienced during a speedy downhill ride can boost mood. It can also increase happiness.

Social Connections 

Longboarding fosters community and camaraderie. Riders often gather to share their passion, learn from each other, and enjoy group rides. These social interactions can lead to lasting friendships. They also contribute to a strong sense of belonging in the longboarding community.

Environmental Impact 

Choosing to longboard for local transportation reduces dependence on cars. It contributes to reduced carbon emissions and a healthier planet. It’s a fun and conscious alternative to traditional modes of transport.

Essential Gear and Safety Precautions

Longboarding is an exciting activity, but it is also essential to take safety. The correct protective gear can go a long way in keeping you safe while riding. 


You should choose the type of board for longboarding. Look for a board with good flex and stability suited to the riding you intend to do. For beginners, a cruiser or commuter board is usually best. These have more expansive decks for stability and softer wheels that absorb more of the bumps in the road. 

Safety Gear 

Safety gear is essential when longboarding. You should always wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards while riding. If you plan to do any downhill riding, it is also recommended to wear a full-body protective suit for extra protection. 


Longboarding is an activity that requires skill and practice. It is essential to start slow and build up your speed as you gain more experience. Taking regular breaks and staying hydrated is necessary for all physical exertion activities. 


How do I start longboarding? 

The best way to start longboarding is to find a flat, car-free surface and practice basic moves. Once you feel comfortable with your balance and have the right gear, you can move on to more challenging terrain. 

Where can I find other longboards in Denver? 

The Denver longboarding community is large and vibrant, with many annual meetups and events. You can join local Facebook or Instagram groups to learn about upcoming rides. You can also check out your local skate park to ride with other longboards. 

How do I stay safe while longboarding? 

Safety should always be your top priority when longboarding. Always wear the proper protective gear and remember to take regular breaks. If you are going downhill, it is also essential to check your speed and be aware of potential hazards on the road. 

What should I do if my longboard breaks? 

If your board has a broken part, it is best to take it to a professional for repairs. You can often repair minor issues like worn wheels or loose bearings with some essential tools and know-how. 

Is longboarding good exercise? 

Yes! Longboarding is an excellent exercise. It works out various muscle groups in your body. At the same time, it also provides a fun and exciting way to get around. 


Longboarding in Denver is an exciting activity. It allows riders to explore the city, stay fit, make friends, and have fun. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced person, Denver has something for everyone. Take safety precautions and wear your protective gear when you hit the streets. Longboarding can be an enjoyable experience for everyone with some practice. 

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