How To Make Longboard Wheels Spin Longer – Ultimate Steps

How To Make Longboard Wheels Spin Longer - Ultimate Steps

You are worried about your longboard as they are not working well in spin or speed. If so, you must remember Wheels of the longboard move faster and there can be multiple reasons for it. That’s why it can stop spinning or may not be able to move well and quickly. That’s why your concern about how to make longboard wheels spin longer is justified and we have got your back. 

You can consider many factors to make your longboard wheel spin and last longer and at higher speeds. However, a rider should know his longboard’s elements well. So that when you ride the longboard, you should have enough experience to know immediately where the longboard is faulty and how much it is defective. So to take immediate steps to rectify the error. Because fixing the error at the beginning can avoid colossal damage.

How to Make Longboard Wheels Spin Longer

Here are some steps you can take to improve the wheel speed and spin of your longboard

You should loosen the axle nuts.

You will first need to loosen the axle nut to fix the wheel on your longboard. This will let you know what is wrong with your reel. You can set the problem and get your longboard back in use. After changing the axle nut, turn the wheel by hand to see if it spins freely and stops automatically after spinning. So it means you have managed to improve your wheel.

If the wheel on your longboard is rigid and doesn’t turn smoothly, it means the axle nut is tight. You should loosen the axle nut a bit.

The axle nut can be relieved using a skate tool. A slight twist of the skate tool loosens the axle nut nicely and quickly. After loosening the axle nut, rotate the flow again by hand and repeat the experiment. Don’t loosen it so much that it goes too far. This meant that the rider had to make minor adjustments. For this, even if you keep skate tools in your pocket, there is no harm.

Lubricate and clean your bearings.

The bearings can be kept in reasonable condition to extend their lifespan. Moreover, it will help your wheels spin more and very quickly. Longboard bearing cleanliness dramatically affects the speed of your longboard wheels.

The same dirt and grease that collect on the wheels will do the same to the bearings. If too much time passes, the bearings may freeze. To stop this from happening, periodically clean the board’s wheels and bearings. Remove them from the board, clean them with a suitable cleaning solution, and make sure they are thoroughly dry before reinserting them; otherwise, rust may start to accumulate quickly.

After cleaning, lubricate the bearings with a silicone-based lubricant.

Rubber seals and metal shields are the two types of seals that are found on longboard bearings. A short pin or staple straightened out can pry the seals from the other side. Press the seal by inserting your pin between the ball cage and the outer bearing race. Because it is made of metal and won’t be punctured, aim for the seal’s centre. Grease should be placed in the tiny crevices between the balls. It’s acceptable to use a bit more or less. You want all the balls lubricated, but you don’t want them crammed.

Improve your bearings

You should always use high-quality parts if you want to enjoy skating as much as you can. Therefore, you should make a slight increase in your investment. Because they are all produced in the same size, skateboard bearings are simple to select. However, you also need to understand how to pick the best.

The ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineer Committee) rating is another factor to consider when selecting your bearings. Longboard bearings are available in ABEC ratings ranging from 1 to 9. ABEC bearings are sharp as well as prone to wear. The hidden components are ceramic wheel bearings. As long as the longboard is moving, they are at work. This is visible in how your longboard speeds and how easily your wheels spin.

After that, you need wheel bearings with incredibly robust races. The tracks that the balls in your wheelset roll on are called bearing races. These have to be extremely smooth and hard. Kogel Bearings polishes the races to a mirror finish to ensure they will function as you expect. The seals and lubricants utilized during assembly are also crucial factors. Seals are necessary because, depending on how much contact they have with the bearing race, they may affect the performance of your bearings.

When you manually test your bearings, your wheels should spin ideally, but if they have damage, such as flat areas, you’ll notice a speed reduction when you’re on the board. You should spend money on new wheels if your current ones have flat places.

Change your wheels

If you are having trouble riding and your ride is causing problems, you should change your board’s wheels. Bigger wheels are much better in speed, while small wheels are low in the stat but very adept at maneuvering.

Longboard wheels are solid and last a long time. But for this, some precautions have to be taken. You must be sure that your wheels are in good condition. You should check them regularly daily by turning them around and 

applying grease. If all these things are still not working, you should replace your longboard wheels immediately.

The performance of Longboard wheels also depends on the surface you ride on.

The wheels on your living board will last longer if the surface is smooth.

Boost your riding.

If you tried everything suggested above, and the sensation of riding in quicksand persists, the operator might be to blame. As your riding ability decreases, your speed may also decrease. Both a skilled and a longboarder shouldn’t ever place the blame on their tools.

You can work on your stance as a rider to start soaring like the wind. When you’re bombing hills, practicing a strong tucking position will increase your speed. Furthermore, you might instinctively slow down due to the subconscious fear of losing control as you accelerate. Approaching top speeds will be less terrifying once you’ve mastered stopping at high rates and have more confidence.

Learn the basics of longboarding, but also become an expert. The speed of your longboard will depend on how you move and push it. Your rate will enhance if you squat a little when riding your board. Try not to switch sides when riding, and develop a straight gait. Learn to ride and gradually increase your pace. Just be careful to wear safety equipment at all times. Learn how to fall defensively as well to prevent severe injuries.


Finally, having the best safety gear can boost your confidence. Most of your doubts may be dispelled by knowing that there is equipment that will cushion any falls. However, you don’t want to act carelessly and count on your tools to save you permanently.

The wheels impact Longboard speed. So, how can skateboard wheels spin more slowly? Using wheels made of premium materials is insufficient. Your choice of wheels is also essential; more prominent and complex wheels can increase the speed of your board. The information in this post helped you learn how to make the longboard wheels spin longer. Ultimately, you need to remember that your skateboard wheels will automatically perform better if you take good care of them.

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